Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pteribble Pteranodon's and Tylosaurus

Please keep your eyes on this space for updates on new projects, New Paleontological finds and interesting observations on nature.

This has been an amazing year for large sculpture. We've just begun a full scale 22 foot wing span Pteranodon sculpture for a new Science Building, being built at Hastings College in Hastings Nebraska.

Keeping with the Cretaceous seaway theme we have also been commissioned to produce a 30 foot long Tylosaurus proriger (a kind of Mosasaur). This marine reptile will hang in the Atrium space of the Hastings Museum of Natural History. Both the Pteranodon and Tylosaurus shared the the same space in what now is Kansas, Nebraska. over 83 million years ago, when it was covered by a shallow inland sea.

Upcoming Lecture

October 1st 8:00 pm Hastings College, Hastings Nebraska
In support of the installation of the sculpture and the opening of a their new science center, Hastings College has asked me to give a lecture about my work. This evening lecture will cover the process involved in creating prehistoric life models and some of my recent work for University of Chicago and National Geographic.

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